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Heart intelligence is a powerful tool for establishing balance in body and mind, which I was talking about in the blog post Heart coherence. In order to overcome stressful states of mind, we need to be more centered and aware. As we constantly keep ourselves busy with activities, either work related, social interactions or other, our brain is processing tons of information. Our rushing thought processes convert us into never-stopping active machines, mostly running on auto pilot . We do have many options, but as well a lot of frustration and confusion about what we really want, how to be truly in balance and happy. What if we switch perspective, and instead of operating from the brain, we start operating from the heart? This is a way of looking at life, among many indigenous tribes and various cultures with stronger connection to nature than we have. In this post I would like to present several guides and meditations for entering the heart, coming from different cultures.

First, I would like to express my gratitude and happiness for the teaching coming from the advanced meditators Drunvalo Melchizedek and Daniel Mitel. The information about consciousness and meditation, that I have found in their books is very beneficial and genuinely inspiring. Through their extensive work in the meditation field, exploring practices in various cultures around the world and their life experience, they provide us with very practical and useful tools for achieving inner peace and transformation.


Drunvalo Melchizedek studied Physics and Art at the University of California at Berkeley. Afterwards within the last 45 years he studied and did research about consciousness together with over 70 teachers from all belief systems. He has mathematically and geometrically defined the human lightbody known in ancient times as the Mer-ka-ba. He has written 5 books that have been published in 29 languages and reached out to over one hundred countries throughout the world.


Daniel Mitel is the first person in the world (in modern times) to have explained and defined the origin of the ancient Heart Imagery system.Heart imagery, the ancient system that originates from ancient Tibetan, Sumerian and Vedic spiritual mystery schools. Daniel Mitel is as well an international lecturer and Martial Arts Master (Tai Chi and Karate Traditional Black Belt 5 DAN) and the author of two books that have been reviewed as some of the best written meditation books in modern times.


One interesting research study about healing and the importance of the heart was conducted by Drunvalo Melchizedek. He and his team gathered a group of different healers, who use different techniques such as Reiki healing, Hands-on healing, shamanic healing etc. They studied the energy, coming off the bodies of the healers. The energy of all the healers turned out to have the same pattern and the source of this pattern during healing was located at their heart chakra.

According to Drunvalo’s experience from this research and others, regardless of the specific healing technique used, what had bigger importance in the healing was the unconditional love the healers felt for their patient as human being. Many indigenous cultures are aware of this and practise it in their healing. It is a beautiful gift of nature that humans connect to each other from heart to heart and thus transfer a powerful and harmonizing energy.

Western consciousness is mainly centered in the brain and logic is the lens, through which we look at life. This makes it difficult to right away switch our perspective for living in the heart. Our thought processes and logic is so strong that it keeps us in our heads. In order to enter the space of the heart, we need to learn to move our awareness away from the brain.


Here I will describe 2 exercises, which help to move our awareness within our body, and away from the brain, so we can silence the thoughts and enter the heart awareness. These exercises are recommended in the book ”Living in the heart” by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

First exercise – moving around the body

  • Focus your attention on your right hand. Feel as much as possible inside your hand. Try to observe if your awareness is still in your head, sensing your hand. This would be the normal way.
  • Think of your spirit, you, as some energy force separate from your body, perhaps like a small sphere of light.

Before moving out of the head and into the throat chakra, we will prepare the mind for the exercise.


Think of a tall building with a glass elevator built on the outside. You are able to see the entire building as you descend with the elevator from the top all the way down to the ground. While you are doing that, you can see the top of the building move away from you and your relative position to it changes.

  • Now with closed eyes, using your imagination to see with, visualise yourself as a little round sphere of light. Try to imagine this sphere of light descending with an elevator from the pineal gland or head area and down to the throat chakra.
  • While moving out of the head, you will notice, in your imagination, your physical head changing relative position to you similarly to the top of the building. Try to play the game without thinking and analysing too much the process.
  • When you are at the throat chakra, it will seem and feel like you are looking out of your throat to your head above you. The throat tissue feels soft. Right now you are at the level of your shoulders.
  • Do not feel discouraged if you do not get the right sensations at first, just stop and relax and try again. Try to be playful like a kid.
  • Now with your inner vision return to your head and observe and sense how the rest of your body moves down and away from you. When you are in your head, you need to be facing the right direction, toward your eyes.
  • Now move again from the head down to the throat and feel the softness of the tissue.
  • Next, return again to the head, and feel the difference of the hardness of the tissue.
  • Move back to the throat and again feel the soft tissue. Feel the difference.
  • Now move from your throat over to your right shoulder, while still facing toward the front of your body. You will notice how the positioning of the head is toward the left compared to you. Feel the bony structure of your shoulder.
  • Now move down the arm to the right hand and into the palm. See and sense the fingers all around you. They will seem bigger than you- the little sphere of light.
  • Return back to the head. First to your shoulder, then back to the throat. Always have a break at the throat as a reference point before entering into the head.

Second exercise – entering the heart

Now you are ready to enter the heart. Try to feel the difference between the head and the heart.

  • Start by moving from the head down to the throat as explained before.
  • When you feel ready, move toward your physical heart, not the heart chakra(s). Feel and sense your movement and approaching towards it. When you are close enough, enter through the membrane into the heart itself.
  • Feel the presence of the heart- the soft tissue and the rhythm of the heartbeats. Again try to focus on the different experience and sensation between the hardness of the head and softness of the heart.
  • Stay around 5 minutes in the heart space.
  • When you feel ready, move out of the heart through the membrane and go back to the throat. And then return to your head.
  • Now that you are back in the head, again compare the experience and sensation of the head to the heart.


Many indigenous tribes around the world, including Kriya Yoga masters, are aware of the Unity Breath meditation and use it in order to connect to their heart energy or the higher Consciousness. Drunvalo Melchizedek describes the meditation in his book “Living in the heart” as follows:

Unifying with Mother Earth

“Let your attention shift to a place on Earth that you feel is the most beautiful place in the world. It could be anywhere—a mountain scene with trees, lakes and rivers; or an arid, sandy desert with almost no life—whatever you perceive as beautiful. See as much detail as you can.”For example, if your place is a mountain scene, see the mountains and the white, billowing clouds. See and sense the forest and the trees moving with the wind. See the animals—the deer and elk, little rabbits and squirrels. Look down and see the clear water of the rivers. Begin to feel love for this place and for all of nature. Continue to grow into this space of love with nature until your heart is beating with the warmth of your love.

When the time feels right, send your love to the center of the Earth using your intention so that Mother Earth can directly feel the love you have for her. You can place your love into a small sphere to contain it and send it to the Mother if you wish, but it is your intention that is so important. Then wait, as a child. Wait until Mother Earth sends her love back to you and you can feel it. You are her child, and I know she loves you. As your Mother’s love enters your body, open completely, allowing this love to move anywhere throughout your body. Let it enter all of your cells. Let it move throughout your lightbody. Let it move wherever it wishes to move. Feel this beautiful love your Mother has surrounded you with and remain in this union with Mother Earth until it feels complete.

Unifying with the Divine Father

At the right moment, which only you can know, without breaking the love union with your Mother, look to your Father, to your Heavenly Father: Look to the rest of creation beyond the Earth. Place your attention on a night sky. See the Milky Way as it meanders across the heavens. Watch the planets and the Moon swirl around you and the Earth. Feel the Sun hidden beneath the Earth. Realize the incredible depth of space. Feel the love you have for the Father, for the Divine Father is the spirit of all of creation, except the Divine Mother. And when this love becomes sogreat that it just can’t stay inside you any longer, let it move into the heavens with your intention. Again, you can send your love into the heavens (or the Sun) inside a small sphere, if you wish.

Once your love has been sent into the heavens (or the Sun) to the Divine Father, again you wait; you wait for the Father to send his love back to you. And of course, he will always do so. You are his child forever, and the Divine Father will always, always love you. And just like with the Mother’s love, when you feel the love of the Divine Father enter your being, let it move anywhere it wants to. It is your Father’s love, and it is pure.

The Holy Trinity is alive

At this moment something that rarely happens is manifesting: the Holy Trinity is alive on Earth. The Divine Mother and the Divine Father are joined with you in pure love and you, the Divine Child, complete the triangle.”

I really enjoy practising this meditation, since I find it very genuine and natural. For me it is especially easy to apply it since I am a big Nature lover, and as soon as I start imagining beautiful natural landscapes, my heart gets warm and positive feeling arises.


A great inspiration and a lifetime experience for me was my trip to Nepal, where I had the opportunity to trek in the magnificent Himalayas. Those amazing mountains have recorded beautiful and powerful landscapes in my mind. I get so happy and inspired over and over again while thinking about them. This emotional connection with the landscape and enthusiasm for Nature, makes it quite easy and enjoyable to apply the Unity breath meditation. A deep sense of Gratitude and joy for being alive and experiencing the beauty of Nature arise during and after the meditation. This state of mind, I believe , is truly healing and empowering. A similar method about remembering and feeling a positive experience, is recommended in the Freeze frame technique for heart coherence from Heartmath Institute, which I was talking about in the blog post Heart coherence.

I genuinely recommend spending alone time in Nature, since it really emphasises a sense of connectedness and belonging to Mother Earth. Meditative state and self-reflection happen easier and more naturally when we are in a beautiful landscape, surrounded by silence and nature sounds. A stronger sense of presence and deeper meaning of ourselves as human can awaken during these moments. It was certainly this kind of experience for me, sitting on the top of the peak of Thorong La pass at 5 416 m height in the Himalaya mountains, which you can see on the photo above. There is something extraordinary and powerful about mountains, climbing them feels like the physical parallel to climbing the spiritual growth ladder. As if a person gets closer access to the metaphysical, while being up on the mountain peaks, so high near the skies. Exploring Nature is like exploring ourselves, there is so much to learn and get inspired from.




Here is another meditation for entering the heart from the romanian meditation master and healer lady Ana, which Daniel Mitel describes in his book “Journeys into the heart”:

“Place your attention on top of your head and imagine that you are inhaling the word “relax” through the fontanel, your crown chakra.

Then see yourself somewhere in the middle of nature, a place that you know and love and become part of the earth ; feel for example that you have become a tree with strong and powerful roots. Then see that you are literally the earth, all five elements of the Universe are inside you: earth, water, fire, wood and metal.

Feel that you are getting bigger and bigger and the whole Universe is around you. Orbit around the Sun. Feel the connection with the thousands of stars around you.”


The following meditation is practised by Tibetan monks, described in Daniel Mitel’s book “Journeys into the heart”:

“Breathe out three times: draw in a normal breath and let out a long, slow exhalation through the mouth; as you exhale, see all your problems, issues, concerns and internal conflicts moving out and away. Then breathe in and out normally.

Now see, sense and feel that you are a big house. Imagine a room on top of the house; it is the room of the brain. A spiral staircase descends from the middle of this room(and the middle of your brain) to the middle of your chest. Use your intention and go down the stairs. When you arrive at the middle of your chest, step off the stairs and slowly turn to your left. There is a door there that goes into your heart. It can be any type of door you imagine. Open the door and step inside your heart; remember to close the door behind you.

Now see, sense and feel the power and love emanating from your heart.

If you read this method three-four times and then try to do it, you will be surprised at how easy it is to go into the heart. I have few recommendations especially for the first time you practice this. First, once you are in the heart, you will see images, places, worlds and faces of known and unknown people. To be sure that you are actually in the heart and that it is not just your imagination, verify whether the light inside the heart is polarized or non-polarized.

This is a very simple step. When the light is polarized, as it is in the brain, we can clearly see the shadows of the objects or the persons. This is because there is a source of light, which is the sun. Therefore, shadows are always caused by its light. However, the light in the heart is not polarized and there are no shadows.”


Meditation is a beautiful tool to explore and work with our mind. Important to note that it requires committed efforts and practise. But if we spend time taking care of our physical body, we should as well try to do it with our mind. We are a whole system, in which body and mind are connected. For optimal health and well-being, we need to balance both. The meditations, that I shared, are especially good for entering the heart energy and feeling the connection and belonging with whole Universe. Let’s bring more heart energy into our lives, more harmony, care, love and awareness. Be patient, curious and playful while diving deep into your consciousness=)



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