Elis Hyusnyueva

Certified Massage Therapist (RAB)
Holistic Massage therapist, with genuine compassion for healing people.

What is Hrih?

Hrih is a Tibetan seed syllable mantra (spiritual prayer) associated with the Buddha of compassion. This concept was an inspiration for me to start a journey into the therapy world.

For many years I have had an avid interest in Eastern philosophies and spiritual traditions, such as Buddhism, and by traveling through India and Nepal, I was able to explore them extensively and awake a deeper sense of connectedness with myself, people and life. The time spent there helped me to find meaning and harmony in the world of therapy as well as in the holistic view of life. I have come to realize that the ancient therapy of massage can help many people with their health issues caused by stress, sedentary lifestyle, extreme physical activity, traumas, sports injuries, aging, etc.

My Education

I received my education for Massage therapy at the school of At Work, Copenhagen, including study of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, practice of deep tissue massage techniques and Psychology. The program was taught by one of Denmark’s best qualified practitioner and teacher Gunna Højgaard, who runs as well her own school for massage therapy- Massageskolen.

Through the union FRFM, I have received the title -RAB Massageterapeut, (registered alternative therapist.). This title ensures a higher degree of expertise,.which is achieved through meeting a set of requirements, regarding proficiency and good clinical practise, regulated by the Union FRFM, which is approved by the Authority for Patient Safety.

Additionally, I have gained skills in client communication and care in spa environment through a workshop in Nimat Massage and Spa (Copenhagen), and  training in Bali International Spa Academy.

Therapeutic Deep tissue massage in a beautiful zen space.

House of Melchiorsen
Gyldenløvesgade 25,
1600 København

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