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Hrih Massage Klinik

 Deep tissue massage in a beautiful Zen clinic from a Certified therapist in Central Copenhagen

Relax. Heal. Thrive

zen klinik
zen klinik

Deep tissue massage benefits

        Relieve your complaints with:

  • headache, stiff neck, tennis elbow, mouse arm, pseudo-sciatica, piriformis syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome
  • extreme physical overuse (sports injuries, intensive fitness training, physically heavy work)
  • pain in the back, shoulder and neck
  • high stress level in your daily life
  • stiff scar tissue after a surgery
massage klinik decor

Holistic therapy


Treatments incorporate both the musculoskeletal and nervous system with a combination of techniques. The soothing atmosphere of the clinic together with calming music during therapy, strive to restore the mind-body balance in a holistic way. Everything in nature operates in a holistic manner.
My love for nature is reflected in the clinic’s décor, which I hope will inspire you as well.
In Hrih clinic the individiual’s needs and inner healing force are top priority.
Relax, heal and focus on your thriving.

Certified Therapist


  • Treatments are carried out by a RAB Massage terapeut (Registered Alternative Massage Therapist), member of union FRFM
  • As a RAB Massage terapeut I am required to write journal about patients, therefore they are kindly requested to give consent according to the Personal data regulation. The consent can be given online while booking an appointment.
  • The title RAB Massage terapeut ensures higher degree of expertise and it is assigned by meeting a set of requirements, regarding proficiency and good clinical practice, regulated by Unions, which are approved by the Authority for Patient Safety.
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