Hrih Massage Clinic

Individually customized treatment, combining Deep tissue massage, Triggerpoint massage, Myofascial release and Neuromuscular techniques, carried out by a RAB Massageterapeut.

You can also relax with a Wellness full body massage.

How can you get help?

A therapy in the clinic will relieve your complaints if you are suffering from:

  • headache, stiff neck, tennis elbow, mouse arm, pseudo-sciatica, piriformis syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome
  • extreme physical overuse (sports injuries, intensive fitness training, physically heavy work)
  • pain in the neck and back
  • high stress level in your daily life
  • stiff scar tissue after a surgery
  • and many others...

‘’To keep the body in good health is a duty... Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.’’ -Buddha

‘’‘The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.’’- Hippocrates

What is a session in Hrih massage clinic like?

The first session consists of

Bestil tid og kom forbi
  • a brief conversation about patient’s overall well being, health condition and preferences,
  • some tests to localise and specify the problem area for treatment,
  • and finally the customized treatment.

RAB Massageterapeut (Registered Alternative Massage Therapist)

  • Treatments are carried out by a RAB Massageterapeut (Registered Alternative Massage Therapist).
  • As a RAB Massageterapeut I am required to write journal about patients, therefore they are kindly requested to give consent according to the Personal data regulation. The consent can be given online while booking an appointment or in the clinic by signing the paper form.
  • The title RAB Massageterapeut ensures higher degree of expertise and it is assigned by meeting a set of requirements, regarding proficiency and good clinical practice, regulated by Unions, which are approved by the Authority for Patient Safety.

(RAB)Foreningen Registrerede Fysiurgiske Massører

Members of the Union have the full education for Massage Therapy of 660 hours, which entitles them to be Certified.
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Deep tissue Massage benefits?

It has therapeutic effect both on a physical and psychological level.

By reducing tension, removing toxins, stimulating the nervous system, massage helps to relieve pain and improve the function of muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Massage increases the flexibility and the range of motion of various muscle groups

since it stretches the tissues in all directions, thus, getting rid of stiffness in the concerned area.

Stimulation of the blood circulation

 ensures good nutrition for the cells

Massage strokes influence the central nervous system and relieve pain

by suppressing the pain signal via inhibiting synapse in the spinal cord (Gate control theory). Neurons responsible for registering touch are located in the same place as pain neurons. The touch-sensitive neurons activate inhibitory interneuron, which releases endorphins. The interaction of endorphins with the pain neuron inhibits the further transmission of pain to the central nervous system. Altogether, this is a very brief description of the pain relief mechanism.

Lymphatic flow cleanses the body from toxins.

Therapeutic Deep tissue massage in a beautiful zen space.

House of Melchiorsen
Gyldenløvesgade 25,
1600 København

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